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To us, studio is an incubator of ideas and creative thinking. We live and breathe architecture and design - toiling to shape thoughtful solutions which bespeak our clients' needs and stem from investigative approach to the potentials of design parameters, materials, and methods of construction.


Our design approach fuses rigorous sifting and condensation of pragmatic factors with playfulness of material and spatial exploration. These distillations are deeply rooted in context, respect for the environment, and a collaborative effort of all minds involved. We follow conceptual trajectories faithfully through construction and management, keeping schedule and budget at the forefront of project delivery objectives.

To explore overlaps and opportunities that occur at shifting design scales and program requirements, we resist specialization in any one building typology and have been engaged in projects ranging from furniture and product design to mixed-use developments and small scale commercial. We're deeply passionate about what we do and truly believe curiosity to be at the core of architecture that enriches human experience.

@ d u c o architecture + design           3725 n sawyer ave   chicago, illinois 60618     

773.816.3410         i n f o @ d u c o

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